Suspens - Design sustainable composites
Suspens - Design sustainable composites

Lightweight and sustainable composite parts for the transportation sector


SUSPENS addresses the challenge of reducing the environmental footprint of sandwich and hollow composite structures for the automotive, leisure boat and aerospace industries.
The project consortium will take the mechanical performance of bio-based ingredients such as epoxy and polyester resins combined with natural and recycled fibres to an industry standard.
SUSPENS will also focus on reducing the energy needed for the recycling of complex sandwich and hollow structures.

Suspens Ambitions

SUSPENS will develop sustainable and safer composites and reduce CO2 footprint of minimum 20% in the overall life cycle using:

  • High performance thermoset resins

  • Sustainable reinforcing fibres

  • Energy-efficient manufacturing and recycling processes

3 manufacturing applications



Leisure Boat

SUSPENS approach

Suspens approach

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The SUSPENS project has received €4.9 million in funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101091906